About Best Services, Inc.

In 1999, Laura and Bill Dawson along with Eric Sarine started Best Service Inc Clearwater Air Conditioning and Heating company. A company that specializes in residential and commercial services, as well as maintenance and installation jobs, Best Service Inc. Clearwater Air Conditioning and Heating company is dedicated to improving indoor air quality and helping you to save on energy costs within Pinellas, Pasco and some areas of Hillsborough Counties.

Air Condition Repair Service


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We Are Attentive to Customer Needs

Our customers are important to us and so it’s important to us that we are able to show you how important you are! We do this in a number of ways including providing you with quality Clearwater air conditioning and heating services, giving you the best prices for quality service, and just recognizing you for choosing to make us part of your family!

Fair and Upfront Pricing

While we’re on the topic of being honest and fair, we aren’t one of those Clearwater air conditioning and heating companies that will charge you everything you have and then more! We work hard for our money and we know that you do too, which is why you will never walk away from our fair and upfront pricing because we price all of our services to be affordable for everyone!

A Schedule That is Convenient for You

Here at Best Service, Inc. we also aren’t one of those companies that only work during the peak business hours. We work on a schedule that is convenient for you and we never expect you to take a full day off just to accommodate an appointment that will take just sixty minutes!

We ALWAYS Answer in Person

One of our personal pet peeves is when a company relies on online-only contact with clients and potential customers. Here at Best Service, Inc. we believe that customer service should always be done in person, it gives you a better idea of who you are letting into your home and it lets us get to know a little more about you!

We Always Give You an Honest Diagnosis

Calling anyone in for repairs can be tricky. That is, few people feel comfortable calling in a professional when things go wrong and need repairing or replacing. This is usually because they have had a negative experience in the past with “professionals” who have cited fifteen repairs that “needed” doing “right away” when, in actuality, the reason for the problem could have been solved in one fix and at half the budget. At Best Service, Inc. Clearwater air conditioning and heating company we don’t believe in taking advantage of our clients. We know that you trust us to help you to live comfortably in your home and we would never want to abuse that trust because it’s loyal customers like you who keep us in business!